09 March 2009

Lost on Lost

I'm really enjoying the latest series of Lost, and that's series as in not season. There are only three things that come in seasons - weather, football, and cricket.

So the series cracks on with more twists and turns than a Trinidadian cricket ball, although to be fair that's not saying much since another flat pitch is producing no movement on the ball, and another dull draw is on the cards.

No, the series cracks on with more twists and turns that Andy Proudlock destroying Lincolns defence to complete his hatrick, and end the game at Grimsby 5-1 Lincoln. Probably about as believable too, except the latter really did happen.

We all have our theories as to what is happening, so here goes with where we're at so far...

Richard Alpert is key. We have seen him at several times over the islands existence. He is always the same age. Last night we saw him in 1974 coming into the Dharma camp. He could cross the sonic barrier, and told Horace 'we can cross it without problems' (or words to that effect). We as in The Others, or we as in something else?

At the start of the show we saw a large statue from behind when Sawyer et al. jumped to what we assume was many,many years ago. The early inhabitants of the island worshipped a God. Was it an ancient race of Gods? Was Richard one of them? Is that why he doesn't age, and appears to wear eyeliner like an ancient Egyptian? We've seen lots of Ankh symbols. Are they red herrings?

Maybe when the islanders move back in time they don't age until they catch up with what their real age is.

The fact we don't see the statues face is clearly because it's going to be a big reveal, and probably someone we know. But the person it most resembles from behind is Sawyer.....I feel a planet of the Apes moment coming on. I think we've seen this statue again in 'present time', but only one foot remains, and it only had 4 toes. Keep an eye out for Sawyers feet....

We're led to believe that timelines are fixed and you cannot change history. Maybe you can, maybe it has already been changed countless times, but as with relativity, it is shown from the characters current perspective, so it will always seem fixed as viewed by them.

But Desmond has seen the future. He has gone back in time many times, and relived his life over and over in a Groundhog Day existence. he doesn't remember everything, but each time he he changes something, fate finds a way to reset everything as it should be. He had seen Charlie die several times before he finally bit the bullet in the submarine.

When the plane crashed this time, it was another Groundhog moment. The flashbacks to characters back stories are irrelevant, hence medical histories (paralysis, cancer etc..) have not necessarily presented themselves in this version of history, hence are now gone. Fate keeps pulling them to where they need to be.

Something terrible has happened on the island in the future, and Ben, Jim Robinson, and Richard keep going back to try to stop it. The more they tinker the worse it gets. Sayer ends up going back thousands of years and becomes a God....

He's currently using the name La Fleur, as in the flower....

The flower is a hint to the Orchid station - the main control centre for moving the island through time....

Orchid come from the Greek meaning of testes...



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