08 April 2009


Mrsslippy and I have mostly spent the day packing, and untangling the unfathomable number of wires required to keep us, and our electrical goods happy whilst on holiday.

We shall be taking;
  • 2 Cameras, each with a different charger
  • 2 phones, again both different
  • A camcorder - different connector again
  • 2 Nintendo DS's . Mine's a Lite, Mrsslippy's is old school, so more different sockets
  • 2 ipods - yay - at least they're both the same!
I shan't be taking a laptop, or the pocket digital radio, so small mercies there, but all in all we will require 8 different plugs and cables (and some headphones), the majority of which are now stuffed into my hand luggage in such a manner that when it goes through the x-ray machine it'll resemble the kind of device that gets trigger happy policeman all twitchy.

With by bag of goodies I resemble some kind of gadget obsessed Sport Billy.

Make that Spod Billy.

Why oh why electrical manufacturers can't just get together and decide on 2, maybe 3 standard charging tips I'll never know. Keep the ipod one - I'm sure it needs to be that fancy, but everything else that just requires a positive and negative connection can either have a simple pin, or mini USB.

The next problem is that the eco village we're staying at for a few days has no electricity, so anything that has a replaceable battery has had one bought for it off ebay, and I've spent the day fully charging everything, and it's back ups.

And not content with that, I've bought a solar powered unit, that will charge it's internal Li-ion battery, and then dribble the leccy back into a multitude of devices via a USB cable with (11!!) interchangeable tips to match your gadget - even if it still doesn't have the one that fits Mrsslippy's Samsung phone.

What could be more ecologically sound than that?

I'm sure that will come somewhere close to cancelling out my carbon skidmark. How much jet fuel does it take to charge an ipod anyway?

So fingers crossed that we get plenty of sunshine in the rainforest ,or nothings going to charge, and I'm going to have to resort to that other last minute purchase today.

A book.

Although I won't be able to read it by torchlight if the batteries go in that.....


Early start to the aiport tomorrow - see you in a couple of weeks.


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