14 April 2009

The Blog from Brazil

Ha Ha! I´m here, and have found a computer!

I don´t know how long for, so I´ll keep it short and sweet.

Things that I have learnt this week....

  • Brazil is a fucking long way away
  • Matt has married into a minted family
  • Just because the whiskey and champagne are free, it doesn´t mean you have to drink it all
  • Vomiting with larangytus only makes things worse
  • I look very good in the traditional Brazilian speedoes (wait for the photo´s girls)
  • An all you can eat Charcuscarria means just that, and I can eat alot
  • Watching Flamengo vs Fluminese at The Maracana is like watching a big firm derby in Glasgow, only a lot more exciting, and much more dangerous, especially if you are a gringo
  • Shouting at the football with a vomit scarred throat that was already fucked will leave you completely unable to speak
  • I am probably just as scared of cable cars as I am rope bridges.
  • Brazilian women will wear anything, irrepective of how large their arse is
  • Hotels with swimming pools on the roof overlooking 2 miles of golden Cococabana sands are pretty cool, especially when there is a waiter bringing fresh cold beer
  • Caiparinias have alot of alcohol in them

I´m off to catch the tail end of Liverpool Chelsea before I get booted off this PC.

Jungle soon

Can´t wait.

Ciao, Slippymark

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