26 April 2009

Dialogo dos Penis

I witnessed this poster on a bus stop in Manaus, and was so disturbed by it's imagery, and intrigued by what it was advertising, that I had to take a picture to delve deeper when I got home...

It does indeed seem to represent two talking cocks, so typing 'Dialogo dos Penis' into the webs best translator, Babel Fish (named after Douglas Adams version of Star Treks universal translator. In The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a yellow leech like creature inserted into the ear that translates sound waves into brain waves) results in the English 'I dialogue of the penises'

Not quite 'talking cocks', but close enough.

And what does Babel Fish make of the tagline - 'Tudo que as mulheres gostarian de saber sobre o que os homes falam delas numa mesa de bar'?

This apparently means

"Everything that the women would like to know on what the men speak of them in the bar table."

Ahhh...so it's a show about what men really think about women.

So why the hell is it advertised with two comedy phallus's?

But that's not all that bothers me. In this predominantly catholic country, isn't it a bit odd that these are bagged cocks? Whatever would the Pope think with two rubber clad monstrosities shooting the breeze in a Brazilian Bar.

Perhaps he would find it acceptable, as they are clearly inadequate forms of contraception, as they have gaping great holes to fit their mouth parts out of.

What he definitely wouldn't find acceptable, is that by the way they are sitting so closely together, facing each other, whoever owns them are apparently doing some male variation on scissoring (there's probably a proper term for it - I'm so not up on gay sexual positions).
Next up - the one on the left appears to have a belly button. Either that or its a festering sore.

Both clearly wrong. Very wrong.

And what are they drinking? Is that piss with a frothy jizzy head?

Could be..........

And by the way the foam is flying around, I can't be really clear if they're emptying those glasses, or filling them.

Finally, they are using that lovely plate of food as an ashtray.

Dirty Brazilian Bellends

At least there are a couple of positives to take away from this - it's ok to smoke and get your cock out in Brazilian Bars, and fags and booze do not cause impotence as once suggested.

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