20 April 2009

News from the jungle

Pete Tong was not wrong.

Jungle is massive.

And full of bugs and other such creatures that can play havoc with a decent nights sleep.

Further learnings to report are....

  • It´s not called a rainforest for nothing, being filled with an overabundance of rain, and forest
  • Waking up at 5.30 every morning is a pain in the arse, but given the time difference, I´m actually running on my usual routine anyway
  • The Rio Negro has such black water that you cannot see what lurks more than 6 inches below the surface.
  • You can see the Caiman Crocodiles because they come up for air now and again
  • You can´t see the Piranha as they lurk a bit deeper, but you can lure them out with a bit of meat on a fishing hook - I caught four of the bitey buggers
  • It would take a either a very brave or very stupid man to swim in water that was infested by these beasties
  • Which do you reckon I am? I believe I am brave, I suspect Mand thinks I´m stupid...
  • The water is too acidic for the mosquitoes, so no mozzy bites.
  • Ants do not care how acidic the water is, as they live on land, and are the size of small dogs, with teeth to match, and like the taste of me
  • There are more than one species of tarantula indigenous to where we were staying
  • My inability to shake my lurgy has meant no voice for around 10 days, and will probably mean I end up on N3 being treated for a Tropical Disease when I get home despite the fact that its just a good old British disease that I brought with me.
  • Some of my clothes will never smell clean again
We´ve still got a few more days to relax in luxury before the three (count em)´flights to get back home, so I´m off for a Caipirinha or several.

Ciao guapa´s


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