07 April 2009

I could never be an Ewok

I've finally managed to locate the driver software for my camcorder.

Nowt on the JVC website, and even less from teh interwebs, so a damn good rummage around all my old discs eventually came up trumps, which means I can now rip all the tapes I took in Borneo, and upload them onto YouTube to bore the tits off people.

And I've got 10 blank tapes to take to Brazil, so while they'll be no bloggage for a couple of weeks, get ready for shedloads of Amazonian Adventures when I get back.

First video up, is living proof (apart from the obvious physical differences) why I would make a shit Ewok.

Friends will attest that I am a complete blouse when it comes to heights.

I've been in the London Eye, but that was easy - you get to walk on at ground level, and then just stand still as it spins on its unholy axis.

The Eiffel Tour was also mechanically assisted. Once at the top I could step out of the lift, but still needed to be physically dragged out into the viewing area by Matt.

Hell, I even jumped out of an aeroplane with Stevo, but by that stage I was so manic with fear that I don't think I even knew what I was doing.

But to walk, one step at a time over a rope bridge suspended high in the treetops is another matter. There would be a trade off - Mrsslippy has absolutely no fear of heights, but is terrified of cockroaches, and later in the holiday we would be visiting the Gomatong Caves.

Featured on Life on Earth as the cave with the worlds highest pile of bat shit, the whole floor is a moving carpet of roaches.

I do the bridge, Mrsslippy does the cave.

Quid pro quo Clarice...

What you don't see if me climbing the ladders to the highest point of the trail - I do that after the clip finishes, but you can see the abject horror on my face.

Believe it or not I actually had bit of a tan at the time - you wouldn't know it looking at the colour of me.

This is where we've just walked to. There are two ladders to be climbed, each nailed to the tree.

The ladder was too short for a lanky bastard like me. I ran out of rungs to put my hands on before I could get my legs clear onto the platform. That, and the fact that the eyelets on my walking boots kept getting caught on the ladder meant I couldn't have been happier....

But I did it, which meant Mrsslippy was coming roach spotting.

Nope, I could never be an Ewok, I'm much happier with the creepy crawlies in the swamps and cesspools of Dagobah, which is where we stayed later.....

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