16 May 2009

Man Tax

On my travels this week I've noticed a distinct increase in the number of joggers.

But not your usual professionally attired, slim and speedy joggers, no - what I'm seeing is a lot of women of a 'certain age'. Overweight, unfit, and wearing ill fitting leggings.

To say the action they are performing is jogging, would be the very loosest definition of the word, since I'm pretty sure that if one foot is always in contact with the ground, then it's walking.

It might be red faced, sweaty and puffing walking, but walking it is. And that can only mean one thing, Race for Life is back upon us, or as I like to call it, Man Tax.

As a man the only way I can support Race for Life, is by sponsoring someone. Those sneaky women have prevented men from actually participating, thus guaranteeing that every race (rather than none) is won by a women.

And how many women do you know that are participating? I bet it's at least one, but more than likely several, and they'll all want your support. Not a pat on the back, or a 'Well done you'. They want you're cold hard cash.

Mrsslippy did it last year, so support I did.

Not only did I stump up cash (up front no less!), I drove her and some of our other female friends to the other side of Town, and agreed to pick them up again when the race was over. Traffic was shocking, so by the time I got home, it was pretty much time to go back out again to collect the team from the nearest pub to the venue.

So not only did I end up significantly out of pocket, I also wasted the best part of a day off.

Mrsslippy walked 5 miles, then went for a beer. That's what I do on most work days, and she got a fucking medal for it!

What did I get (other than a decreased risk of developing cancer)?

Diddly squat.

Apparently cancer is still not cured, hence they're doing the whole thing again this year, and no doubt once again I'll be expected to support...

And that how it will continue. Women will go for a stroll, men will 'support'.This Man Tax will go on and on until they get enough money to find a cure.

So let's nip it in the bud. Go sponsor someone big style, then maybe I won't have they to look at women in ill fitting leggings every spring, and we'll all be a bit less likely to get cancer, or at the very least ensure those affected get the care and treatment they deserve.

If you haven't got any female friends, you don't have to feel left out - Mrsslippy will be more than happy to take your money. She's promised to run this year, and that's got to be worth a few quid.

Please, give what you can to her and her motley crew, The Cambridge Stragglers.

For pities sake.

Think of the leggings....

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