13 May 2009

Babel Fish

Little sister has just returned from a weeks diving in (or rather off) Cuba, and appears to have developed a prodigious knack for the language, as all her Facebook statuses are now in perfect Spanish.

I suspect shenanigans. Sorry Bec, but I don't recall you being fluent in non-gringo lingo, and are using some kind of translating service to help you.

I've copied and pasted her statuses into Babel Fish, and they kind of make sense – I reckon the process of translating to Spanish and then back again fucks things up a little bit.

She suggested I had nothing better to do than translate her updates, when actually I should be blogging. Maybe I should be doing both? As a scientific experiment as to how good Babel Fish is at translating back and forth, I'll blog in English, have it Spanglified, then back to the mother tongue again...

So one more time from the top....

The small sister finishes returning as of the weeks that are plunged in (or something dull) Cuba, and appears to have developed a prodigious skill for the language, as all states of Facebook now are in perfect Spanish.

I suspect shenanigans. Grieved time, but I do not memory of you that is fluid in mazarota of the not-gringo, and is using a certain class to translate service to help him.

I' IT SEES it copied and it stuck his states in Babelfish, and class of story has sense - the process to again translate to the later behind lame Spanish and things for above a little.

It suggested better did not have anything to do than her updates, when I really must blogging. Perhaps I must do both? As scientific experiment as far as how good Babelfish is in translating forwards and backwards, I will blog of in English, has Spanglified, then again to the maternal language again…

This is taken for above, and clearly not working. It does probably the sense that a form only does, but it' s the return trip that does borked.

How on something of my favourite film dent? They must at least have an appearance of normaility to them, but you will be able to reconise they once they have been soiled around by Babelfish?

"A census taker once tried to try to me. I ate his liver with some beans of fava and an pleasant Chianti"
– Too easy

"It takes its legs that stink out of me, you you cursed the dirty monkey!"
- Probably still it improves, but a too easy small piece

"They listen to. Children at night. What music does"
- Grieved candle, now you sound rather paedo that the gentleman of the vampires

"The size concerns no. Míreme. Judge by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you do not have. For my ally it is the force, and a long-range ally that is. He creates it to the life, does that he grows. Its energy surrounds to us and it ties to us. The luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the force around you; here, between you, I, the tree, the rock, throughout, yes. Even between the Earth and the ship."
- It sees, the sounds of mixed Yoda so for above before translate you it, who not more or less do not have sense that in the first place.

It could do this per hours, but probably shouldn' t. Fodder that the lesson is, that does not trust the translation in line

My following project will be to translate Rapsodia Bohemian to Chinese, later returns it to record once translated English again. It has probably then sense…

Or script the film following of Borat

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