28 May 2009

Its a Good Life

I've just had a bit of a 'moment'.

An epiphany.

A realisation that the man I was is slipping away...

I've probably been living in Cambridge too long, and it's rubbed away all the rough edges.

It dawned on me while I was in the garden a few minutes ago.

I'd started cooking my dinner, and was just taking some rubbish out.

Or to be more precise, I was boiling some vegetables to make a healthy home made soup(curried carrot and parsnip thant you for asking), and was taking the peelings, wrapped in newspaper, out to the compost bin.

With half an eye on my watch so I didn't miss the start of Springwatch, I was inspecting my own crop of vegetables, which now consists of three types of potato, two types of carrot, savoy cabbages, lettuce, cauliflour, two types of peas, baby sweetcorn, onions, spring onions, two types of peppers, strawberries, and a host of herbs.

Content that they were fine, and none of the bird feeders needed topping up, I was crossing the lawn, taking care not to trip over my flip flops or sarong....yes sarong....it hit me.

My sarong is very comfortable. I bought it in Borneo as it was dress code in one of the lodges we stayed at, and I enjoyed the 'airyness' of it so much I bought my own. It stops me slobbing around in just a bath towel, which was a previous habit, and is really rather fetching.

But that does not alter the fact that I have become a soup cooking, recycling, vegetable growing, sandals and skirt wearing hippy.

Am I getting old, or is it a midlife crisis. If it is a midlife crisis then I really am fucked. I'm not in middle age! I'm young! Vivavcious! I play hard and fast, or fast and loose, or something.....anyway, I still play!

Where is my pork pie?

Where is my chocolate milkshake?

Why, when Mrsslippy is on nights am I not down the pub, or gorging myself on a huge bloody steak?

I've got free reign of the tv, I should be watching cheesy horror, classic sci-fi, or just porn (although Kate Humble is looking very good on Springwatch, I shan't be shuffling one off).

I should have the Wii on, shooting Zombies, or Nazis, or Zombie Nazis.

That's it.

My soup should be ready to attack with the hand blender. I'll eat that, then open a tinny, and heads it's a classic DVD, tails it's Resident Evil.

After I've watered the hanging baskets and window boxes....

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