20 February 2009

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

My best Latin for 'Who will watch the watchers?'

I'll tell you.


We're two weeks away from what must be heralded as geek comic fanboy nirvana. Bigger than X-Men, darker than Batman, on 6th March 2009 we finally get to watch.....


Said to be unfilmable, and tossed around in preproduction/film rights hell for the past 20 years, the Citizen Kane of comics is upon us.

Originally written as a 12 part series in 1987 by Alan Moore, with art by Dave Gibbons, then compiled into a graphic novel, it's the only book of it's genre to make the Time 'All time top 100 novels' list.

In a late '80s America, history has not been written as we remember it, largely due to emergence of 'masked vigilantes' in the late 40's. Normal men and women, not the freaks and genetic mutations of the Marvel Universe, save for one man....It's Doctor Manhattan, one of the most deep and complex (ex)humans ever conceived who changes the events of the Vietnam war, and now Nixon's in power, and vigilantes are outlawed. Old and paunchy, they're trying to have normal lives.

Sound familiar Incredibles fans? Check your dates again. Been there done that by Moore. Not that Brad Birds film isn't wonderful - it is, and Bird is clearly a fanboy himself, doffing his cap more than once to the seminal work that made it ok for adults to buy comics. Check out the reference to the dangers of heroes in capes for one.

Whether you call it a comic book, or the far more grown up 'graphic novel', there's one thing that is unarguable - it's fucking awesome.

I've already read the magazine articles, and seen the trailers, and on the careful lookout for spoilers. I don't know why - I've read it countless time - I know what happens (but I won't tell!)

King of the ubergeeks Wil 'don't call me Wesley' Wheaton has already seen it, and although I'm jealous as hell, I'm wary of checking out his blog just in case he lets something slip. He warns of spoilers at the top of the page, but are they spoilers for the uninitiated, or for fanboys? Best not to check....

But he does love it, and that's enough of a recommendation for me. I don't think Jonathan Ross has seen it yet - he would have been all over Twitter with it if he had, and I'm sure he'll love it too.

Check out the trailers - they are just beautiful (if dark and disturbing can be beautiful). And if you have time I urge you to go buy the book and read it NOW.

This could just be the greatest geek film of all time (sorry Mr Lucas), at least until James Camerons Avatar comes out...

Stick on your Rorchach mask, your Niteowl goggles and your Comedian pin....

It's time to watch the Watchmen


  1. Great and brave stuff Mark. I wish I could find the time to blog...


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