15 February 2009

Can Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake cure a Manflu?

Well Matts staggers went without a hitch or any casualties. It was very sweet of the Grooms mother to be more concerned about the well being of the Best Man, to the extent that Matt was told to 'Watch out for your (older!) brother - I can do Police Stations, but not Hospitals'.

Neither were required, and we had our own personal Met Officer to keep us out of/in trouble. What goes on tour stays on tour and all that, and although it is only me that can see this at the moment, I shall still show some discretion.

The hotel would not have been my first choice, being;
  1. Miles from anywhere else we were going
  2. Shit
Bunking down with Greg wouldn't be the end of the world, 2 to a room being the preferable option to 5!!! The 5th Floor of an old house in Belgrave Road would afford a great view of... well..Belgrave Road, but with no lift, would my (clean for 6 weeks) lungs cope, and would they still be clean at the end of the night.

A swift pint in the neighbouring pub, then trains to Kingsfield, (shared)home of AFC Wimbledon. A surprisingly full ground for a headly home fixture against one of the Baths - I neither remember or care which - I didn't even know they had 2 teams. I suppose they're going for the Cambridge approach of quantity over quality. Why have 1 mediocre team when you can have 2 shit ones?

Matt achieved a lifetime dream by going on the pitch at half time to compete in a keepy uppy competition, which he duly lost. There may even be a video of it on YouTube if Jim 'Thrushy Hands' Allen can work out how to upload it.

Matt's excuse was;
  1. The winner was a ringer, having played in QPR's youth team
  2. The ball, much like the leagues sponsors, was a blue square.
Geometry and dimensions corrected (blue cube Matt, blue cube..), we settled in for the second half. With 5 minutes to go, and Wimbledon 2-0 up following 2 shots on (or even off) target, and 1 of them a penner, we returned to the club bar to beat the 'rush' for post game pints. Final score was Wimbledon 3-2 Bath.

....3 goals in 5 minutes....who'd have thought it eh?

Train back north of the river for pre dinner drinks.

Q. If you had 2 customers in your pub, and 18 blokes came in who wanted to play drinking games and basically spunk away as much cash as possible in an hour would you

  1. Not let them in
  2. Encourage them to invent dafter rules, drink quicker, and spend more
  3. Take their money, but keep telling them to be quieter, caring more about the well being of the couple nursing a bottle of wine than making some fast money, even after a second round has been purchased within 10 minutes, which they were still more than happy to serve.
If you answered 3 then you are 'The Yorkshire Grey' in Grays Inn Road. Shame on you!!

We found a pub that was more than happy for us to spend our cash in, and didn't seem to mind large groups of thirsty men. In fact they positively encouraged it. Thank you for your hospitality 'The Griffin'

A taxi ride next brought us to Cargo. Food was pleasant enough. Blue cheese burger. Sadly by this stage, a poor immune system rather than an incapacity for ale started to bring an early curtain on the festivities for me. Consequently I can neither confirm or deny if Stevo got naked (the photo's I saw this morning could have been a fake! A stitch up!

So we all survived, except I appear to be full of snot again. Which begs the question Can Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake cure a Manflu? I'm certainlyhoping so, because it certainly feels like it should. Maybe if I have another porkpie with it, just to help a little bit more

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