22 July 2009

R U bng SRVD?

You just got served. And pwnd.

Mrsslippy has gone to work for the night which means I am at a loose end, and lacking in adult supervision.

After sitting through the first half hour of Hellboy II, I decided that I was a wee bit restless, and needed some erstwhile stimulation.

Lurking by the TV is a copy of Dance Dance Revolution - a still boxed present for Mrsslippys birthday that we have yet to plug into the Wii.

Knowing her impatience with instruction manuals, I decided the gentlemanly thing to do would be to open it up 'just to check it works', and see how to navigate through the menus and suchlike.

Purely in the cause of scientific research of checking how sensitive the dance mat is, I thought it sensible to 'have a little dance'.

I'm pretty 'down with the kids', so dressed in true urban streetwise style of my shirt from work and just my pants, I took to the dance floor!

As N E fule no I am renowned world over for my shapes, and have won many a dance off, so it should be easy to recognise what I am dancing to.

So go on - can you tell? First correct answer get a private dance, just for them. I may even tape it so you can watch it again and again and again....

1 comment:

  1. u call that dancing, it looked more like a chicken pecking for grain